I have been guided to hold Soul Path Day Retreats in the Little Green Room.  This is one on one time of nurture and healing, intuitively tailored to each soul’s needs.  The day will include emotional release work, energy healing and balancing, light language activations, ceremony, meditation, reconnection to self and Source and a nourishing lunch.

Is the Soul Path Day Retreat for you?

Have you been wishing for some “me” time where you can reconnect deeply with yourself?  

Does life feel overwhelming and are you questioning your soul’s path?  

Do you carry past trauma that is longing to be freed from your being so you can live a healthy, abundant life?

Are you on a spiritual journey and wanting to deepen your awakening?

Would you like to explore the possibility of a more peaceful, balanced life by using some potent everyday tools?

Do you need someone who can hold a safe, sacred space for you while you release emotionally?

Does your physical body yearn to be nurtured and realigned at a soul level?

There are many reasons to gift yourself this kind of space and time.  For me as a Mama of three I often feel like I have forgotten who I am outside the realm of motherhood. These days have been created from this feeling inside me to support and nurture other Mamas, as well as supporting people from all walks of life.

Retreat timing:  10am – 2pm (available from September 2018)


$300 (includes a nourishing lunch)