Thanks so much for your support, love and knowledge with preparing me for the birth of my third child.  My body was filled with so much fear at the thought of birthing again after the experience of my first born.  This time around was my longest and most peaceful birth.  Also a long time dream came too with a water birth.  My midwife commented afterwards that it was an honour to stand back and watch the whole process of me being so relaxed and in control.  I am grateful I could pass this body experience to my daughter for her future child bearing years if this is her destiny.  You are amazing and our earth is lucky to have angels like you.   Jackie
My overall health and outlook changed completely during my nurture birth sessions with Nic.  I was struggling terribly with insomnia, every pregnancy ache and pain, and feeling generally overwhelmed with my life.   Her professionalism, compassion and kindness helped me release a lot of fear and worry,  and deeply connect with my unborn child.  I feel so lucky to have found and worked with Nic.  She has a beautiful, unhurried, and gentle approach which led me to healing. Thank you so much!  Eve

I have such an outpouring of gratitude to you and the work you do around birth. Messages, healing and insights flow freely from you to the women and little souls who need guidance.  My birth experience was one of the most phenomenal, spiritual and heartwarming moments I have ever had and I can attribute my daughter’s smooth passage to the amazing preparation we did together.  I wish every woman could experience the peace I felt entering into labour with the help of your healing heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Marijke

My experience of Sacred Birth was life changing for me and also my partner.  I’m not from NZ and to be pregnant in a foreign country brings a lot of emotions.  Nic guided me beautifully and professionally to recognise and release hurts, anger and dis-empowerments that I had held in my body for a long time.  I was also able to connect with the little soul inside me who had chosen to be our child.  I gave birth with love, trust and power of the feminine divine – totally natural without pain relief.  After our son was born I enjoyed some more sessions with Nic to get me in balance and nurture my body and soul.  Thank you so much Nic!  I look forward to being pregnant again.  Evi