Sacred Birth nurtures the life bringer…  This includes conscious conception, emotional and ancestral releasing, energetic birth preparation, soul connection with baby and postnatal rebalancing.

Whether you are a first time Mama, or a Mama who has experienced trauma in a previous birth, together we will navigate the pathway to a gentle and empowered birth experience. You will be guided to release any fears and unsupportive emotions, then be filled up with nourishing energy which will bring ease and trust to your pregnancy and birth.

I work as an energetic guide to support challenges that may arise with conception, pregnancy, miscarriage, and post natal depression/depletion.

Having birthed three boys peacefully at home and losing a baby through miscarriage, I have experienced both the joy and sadness of the life bringing cycle.  I have a heartfelt connection with pregnancy and giving birth, and I am deeply moved by the body’s ancient wisdom of this incredible rite of passage.


First Sacred Birth Session (includes half hour consult):  $150

Sacred Birth Session:  $100