The Sacred Birth work came through after the gentle birth of our first son. I was guided to hold a space for the magic of bringing life… this includes conscious conception, emotional releasing, energetic birth preparation, soul connecting with baby, postnatal rebalancing and miscarriage support.

Sacred Birth is for all women, especially those who have a longing to birth naturally. This work is an embrace for the mother energy to be nurtured during the wonder and magic of journeying into motherhood. The sessions are peaceful, loving and nurturing to support women in releasing any fear that may be present in the body to bring ease and trust in the birthing experience.

Having birthed three beautiful boys gently at home and losing a baby through miscarriage I have experienced both the joy and sadness of the life bringing cycle. I am here as a support for women and couples in the realm of family creation and I continue to be amazed by the power of our body’s ancient wisdom and the rite of passage of birth.


  • Sacred Birth Session – $100