This ceremony celebrates the Maiden beginning her moontime cycle (menstruation), to honour her coming of age and crossing the threshold into the mystery of womanhood.

Many years ago the first blood was celebrated with ceremony and ritual, it was sacred.  Women would gather in the red tent to initiate the Maiden into the circle of wisdom.  She would be nourished, pampered and guided with stories from the older women.  There was no shame around her period, it was a gift to be treasured being a ‘life bringer’.  Somewhere over time this ritual was forgotten… My prayer and intention is to acknowledge these young Maidens, for them to be celebrated as they enter the portal.  For their memory of beginning to bleed, to be positive and life affirming.  How may your life have been different if you were given the gift of a Rise to Maiden Ceremony?


Maiden’s Circle of Women Ceremony:  $300

Maiden and Mama invite women who are close, supportive and treasured in the Maiden’s life to be a part of the ceremony.  We come together in circle to rejoice, nurture and share in the celebration of this rite of passage.  Although I will hold the ceremonial space, the woman gathered in circle create the magical experience for the Maiden through stories, gifting and nourishment.

Maiden & Mama Ceremony:  $200

Sometimes Maiden’s prefer a more intimate ceremony.  This option is a beautiful way to create the same positive memory and experience without overwhelming the Maiden.  The ceremony has a similar flow, just without the circle of women.  It is a time for deep bonding between Maiden and Mama.

Hawaiian Bodywork for the Maiden:  $100

Nurture the Maiden with a gift of Hawaiian Bodywork.  This is a nourishing initiation that supports her crossing the threshold.  Book bodywork for the week after the ceremony to assist the integration of her rite of passage.