I have always felt the energy of the higher realms and Spirit. As a child I experienced seeing and feeling beings and wondered about magic.

Growing up I went in many directions before really following my soul path. A turning point in my life was travelling for two years and getting a true taste of freedom and how wide the world is.

After coming home to New Zealand I began a journey of awakening. During a healing session I saw a past life vision where I was executed for my spiritual gifts, that night I realised it was safe in this lifetime to work with my gifts again.  I began to follow my heart and see where I was guided.

Now I am a certified Journey, Reiki and Access Bars practitioner, I also channel Light Language.  I have a beautiful teacher who I am deeply grateful for, she guides me in my continuous training with Energy and how to live a joyful and effortless life in these times.

I am blessed to have birthed three beautiful boys peacefully at home, trusting my body’s innate wisdom and the unfolding of natural birth. Through my experience of giving life I was guided to bring Sacred Birth through to nourish, nurture and support women in this incredible rite of passage.

‘The Little Green Room’ based in Welcome Bay, Tauranga is the place where I do my soul work and where magic happens…

Blessings and love, Nic