I have always felt the energy of the higher realms and Spirit. As a child I experienced seeing and feeling beings and wondered about magic.

Growing up I went in many directions before really landing in my essence. A turning point in my life was travelling for two years and getting a true taste of freedom and how wide the world is.

After coming home to New Zealand I began my journey of awakening. I had a healing session and saw a past life vision where I was executed for my spiritual gifts. That night I was told it was safe in this lifetime to open into these gifts again, and so I was on my path and began to amplify the energy to ripple out to others…

I am a Lightworker… a certified Journey Practitioner, Reiki Channel and Angel Intuitive. I have trained in Access Bars, Working with the Masters Spiritual Healing and I channel Light Language. These beautiful energies are weaved into intuitive healing sessions for my clients.

I have birthed three beautiful boys peacefully at home, fully trusting my body’s wisdom and the process of natural birth. Through my experience of giving life I was guided to bring the Sacred Birth work through to nourish, nurture and support women in this rite of passage.

Most recently Conscious Relationship has evolved to create deep, heart-centred connections between couples and support new ways of communicating from truth and love.

‘The Little Green Room’ is the space where I do my work and where the magic happens… it is the container for all that needs to be held and released. I welcome you to open into your essence through this body of work.

Blessings and love, Nic