Thank you so much for being part of life this year.  The sessions with you have been a significant factor in my healing after the breakup of a relationship.  They have also helped in working with my relationships with my children, on a deeper level which I can’t explain.  Several times after a session with you I felt overjoyed with life, and completely at peace, so much that I keep on coming back to you. I see the work you do with me now as a way to help me to get less entangled with the stories of my life, and rather live from pure love.  You have such a caring and confident manner, which gave me immediate trust in your skills and knowledge. Thank you so much Nic.   Anonymous 2019

Nic helped my daughter (1-5 yrs) with tummy issues, often with immediate results. Nic was always very gentle and accomodating, helping her to feel at ease when she was feeling shy. As my daughter got older, and the issues came back, she would ask to see Nic, clearly having experienced the assistance she’d received in the past to be effective.  Amber

Nic has a wonderfully gentle, compassionate way about her that makes her the perfect healing practitioner. I really enjoyed and benefited immensely from my sessions with her. Her warmth and calm persona, coupled with a great sense of humour put me immediately at ease, and enabled me to feel safe and easily relax into the process. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants open up new realms of possibility for their future and their lives. Jasmine

The Journey showed me the darkest corner of myself. After cleansing, and letting my soul mend I’ve noticed a complete difference in myself. The way I sleep, my mood and overall I feel as though I have found inner peace.    Kelli-Anne

After a few too many bad turns in my life I needed some direction. I took the advice of a good friend and turned to Nic for a journey to my inner soul and found not only the solution, but a new beginning. I do not hesitate in recommending Nic to anyone, who like me, may need to discover who they are again.  Chris

The freedom and peace that was just underneath has astounded me. I had no idea how much energy I was wasting. The work is so beautiful… Thank you so, so much.  Petra