I work as a direct channel for the divine and higher realms and hold space to facilitate healing and transformation on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

My intention is to create a sacred space and opening for the highest and best to take place for my client and ensure their needs are met with love and compassion. The nature of this work is energy guided and will organically unfold throughout the session.

I blend different modalities intuitively to create a healing session. I am a certified Journey Practitioner, Reiki Channel, Angel Intuitive and Access Bars Facilitator and I channel Light Language. I hold a strong energetic space and work with emotional releasing, balancing the chakras and energy bodies, boosting ones physical spirit, grounding and connection with Self and coming home to Essence.

This work is deep, potent and profound allowing all to be welcomed and revealed for healing and awakening to happen with ease and grace.

Children respond beautifully to light language which is the language of the soul, they also love hands on healing. Because they are still incarnating and connected deeply with their soul purpose they feel safe and held with energy work. The work I do with children is a gentle and clear way to bring balance and peace to their inner world.


  • Intuitive Healing Session – $100
  • Journey Process – $190
  • Journey Process package x3 – $520
  • Children’s Energy Balance and Light Language Activation – $40