Porohita is a circular wall hanging that is woven over 50 plus hours, each has a story which is reflected through the placement of whenu as well as colours used.  When I am commissioned to weave a Porohita I offer a half hour consult to dive into the story of your sacred piece.  Creating Porohita is quite the journey for a weaver, it takes on a life of its own and the energy in each piece will touch those who stand before it.

I create crystal smudging wands made to order, these are sacred power pieces to use in ceremony or have placed as a guardian on your alter.  These make stunning gifts for yourself or loved ones.  Each wand is activated with light language sound energy for the person it is made for. Smudge sticks are also available to accompany the wands, handmade with white sage I grow at home.

Contact me to chat about how these Sacred Art energy pieces can be crafted with story and symbolism to enhance connection to Self and Papatuanuku our Mother Earth.