Little Green Aura Spray

This delightful spray is created aligning with nature… the moon, the sun, the elements, the crystal kingdom and plant medicine.

The sacred waters are bathed under the energy of the full or new moon, the stars and the sun.  Activated by seven charka crystals and the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer.  The potion is lovingly crafted with home grown white sage, organic essential oils and witch hazel, then infused with light language before being bottled with a small crystal to symbolise Mother Earth.

The Little Green Aura Spray assists in clearing heavy, dense energy in the auric field and in your home.  Use anytime to feel uplifted and to bring a sense of lightness to your being. Great for practitioners in clinic to clear the space after clients and wonderful for children as a bedtime ritual.

$40 – 200ml bottle … email to order